【Dear Overseas Entrants Who Applied to be in the General Group,】

When applying for entry into the Nagasaki Peace Marathon, it was only possible for overseas entrants to register
for the overseas group. Furthermore, the RUNNET registration was only possible for those who have an address in Japan.
Considering the above elements, the secretariat has discussed a way to return money to overseas
entrants applying for entry into the Nagasaki Peace Marathon.
When trying to return the money to overseas accounts, the processing fees incurred were too expensive
for the secretariat to bear, thus, as a result of deliberation, we have decided to reimburse the participation fees
as points (RUNPO) to the accounts currently registered with RUNNET
We sincerely apologize that a reimbursement in cash is not possible,
but we would appreciate your understanding.

【About RUNPO】 https://runnet.jp/runpo/about/
※RUNPO is valid for 3 years.


【RUNPOについて】 https://runnet.jp/runpo/about/