ENGLISH | 長崎平和マラソン【公式】

The Nagasaki Peace Marathon

The Nagasaki Peace Marathon is an athletic event held to commemorate a milestone 75 years since the atomic bombing in 2020. The marathon is a message of peace for the abolition of atomic weapons and the realization of everlasting world peace.

Our aim is to hold a full marathon where not only runners, but volunteers and those cheering them on can unite and enjoy taking part in sports while also experiencing an atmosphere of peace. In other words, we would like to conduct a marathon that can only be experienced in Nagasaki.

Course Map

Running through picturesque vistas along the water and breathtaking tourist attractions, the course takes runners through Nagasaki’s ports where they experience the City of Peace, Nagasaki.

Course Video Tour

Please note that the course video is in Japanese.


5-1 Uonomachi, Nagasaki City (7th Floor, Shimin Kaikan) Zip: 8500874

Nagasaki Peace Marathon Execution Committee Secretariat (Part of the Nagasaki City Civic Affairs Department Peace Marathon Promotion Office)

E-mail:[email protected]